Dr. Shaun Sanucci! Using Hingestix can help prevent carpal tunnel and tendonitis from drumming injuries

Dr. Shaun Sanucci, is an emergency medical physician from San Diego California and she is also a avid drummer.  More like a drumming fanatic!

She studied in Arizona at Midwestern University and just always loved emergency medicine in urgent care. Had it not been for
music and then drums. I don’t know that got me through medical school. Drumming is a very important part of my life!

It’s one of the best ways to relieve stress and recharge the batteries.


In my field, I do see a lot of sports injuries. People doing some just some dumb things with the musculoskeletal system. I also see occupational injuries in addition to urgent care. And many times, musicians! And musicians are people that really need to take care of their bodies because they make their living that way and specifically Drummers because they’re very prone to things that can lead to carpal tunnel and tendonitis

I look at a drummer as an elite athletes, because in a sense, that’s what you are.

Every band that has a drummer and that drummer is the person setting the beat and setting the energy for that performance.

So, drummers are some of the most important members of any band. They could be considered the leaders in a way.

So what I like about the HingeStix is that they keep your hand in position, so that you’re not doing crazy things with your
grip and fingers. 
It’s easy to play with thumbs up or they’re getting their wrist in oddball positions

but with Hingestix, you get that really perfect hand position.

And you’re not prone to tendonitis or carpal tunnel and it’s keeps you from getting it not only in the wrist. You can also can get tendinitis in the elbows, shoulders and the neck . Playing with the wrong grip can cause just a whole variety of drumming related injuries .

And I find that the Hingestix keeps you relaxed, keeps you loose, You’re not gripping those sticks, because the more you grip those sticks the more that vibration transmits up through the wrist. That’s actually what carpal tunnel is it’s a vibrational component going into that tendon and causing long term injury.

Hingestix promotes a loose grip because the sticks are floating.

Tell us also in terms of musical play, how has Hingestix helped you?

Well, personally, I’ve had a problem before with gripping the stick just too too tightly and having vibrations transmit actually
up into my neck and causing me to clamp down with the with the trapezius muscle, causing some occipital nerve irritation, which can cause vertigo.

As a result of playing with the Hingestix I have become a smoother player. You can also play with speed without fatigue.

Dr. Shaun, were there any specific types of songs or certain sections of songs you couldn’t play before you started using Hingestix and now you’re able to because of your improved technique?

Yes! I’m a big fan of surf music. And as you know, some of their beats are super fast, and they’re fills back in the early 60s. They are they’re just ripping through those fills.  I would tense up and grab those sticks so tight and my forearm muscles were just like locked. it would send us tenseness up into my neck. With the hingestix, you’re just very loose here. You’re loose so you can play faster.

As a musician, I know sometimes you see certain songs that are technically might be daunting. And then either you, you kind of put in the

time and energy to get that practice and improve to get there. Or you might just avoid the song totally. And that’s not where you want to be, as a musician

Playing drums is about joy. If playing drums is creating more stress and you are having self-conscious feelings, then you will
definitely give up playing.

We want drummers to continue to find joy, keep improving, whether they’ve been playing for two years, or they’ve been playing for 20 years or 30 years

Drumming is about continuously have this quest of improving their skill and enjoying it every single time they get on their drum set.


To wrap things up: Having a set of Hingestix 

  • Prevent injury.
  • Increase your serotonin levels
  • You’re going to be a happier, nicer person
  • It’s probably going to improve your relationship with your friends.
  • And you’re going to be cooler because you’re going to be able to play these songs.

I mean, there’s so many benefits!  There are only positives!

I’m so thankful that Dr. Shaun came on with us to spend some time to talk with us about the Hingestix.

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