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Master the proper drumstick grip and learn how to hold your drumsticks to maximize your technique.

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Master the proper drumstick grip and learn how to hold your drumsticks to maximize your technique.

HINGESTIX swivel pads let the drumstick float, simulating a loose, correct grip. Using HINGESTIX will improve your rebound by reinforcing the position of the fulcrum. HINGESTIX also improves and reinforces the use of the Moeller Technique. Excellent for matched grip drummers, which makes the transition to other percussion instruments easy. Take years off your drum lessons, improve your hand technique, and make drumming with your regular drumsticks easier, with HINGESTIX.

HINGESTIX Practice Drumsticks are great for learning:

  • Single strokes using the rebound. Like bouncing a basketball, the HINGESTIX simulate a loose grip where bouncing becomes easier
  • Learning the double bounce for your “open” roll. Just throw the stick down once and let the stick bounce free for that 2nd stroke
  • Learning the all-important “buzz” stroke for your long or “closed” roll
  • Learning finger technique for more control and speed
  • Learning proper grip by holding the red swivel pads between the thumb and index finger (or 3rd finger), and gently feeling the back fingers underneath the stick

Each pair of HINGESTIX Practice Drumsticks are balanced and pitched matched.

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Dimensions 19 × 3 × 2.5 in


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Improves Technique

Learn proper hand and wrist technique and discover how the professionals play by “letting go”.


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With the HINGESTIX “floating action”, bounce and rebound are reinforced into a single motion.


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Keith Karnaky
Owner of The Drum Shop, Houston Texas
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I’m finding after I have been seriously practicing drums for over 50 years...that these sticks are the most effective breakthrough I've had to date. Don't think these HingeStix are just for beginners!! The basics that HingeStix reinforce are at the core of why we don't progress. And it's fun to watch your own progress. The fun of using these sticks is amazing. Now I want to practice more and more.
Jodi Connot
Free to Drum at last!
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I've wanted to learn drums since childhood, but my orchestra director told me girls don't play drums. A nerve injury in my left hand as an adult makes it impossible for me to grip a regular stick properly. I always came back to wanting to play, though, (safely out of reach of my old director) and I found these and thought, why not? They work! I can grip and establish the proper fulcrum, and the rhythm and focus of drumming is adding joy to my life. Thank you, Hingestix, for enabling me to play. I recommend these sticks to anyone struggling with their grip.
GTI Drummer
They really work...not a gimmick
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These truly are a great teaching tool. It may seem like another gimmick, but they get your rear fingers properly placed & involved. I have consistently had this issue. They also encourage the most efficient playing style vs a slashing or karate chop style that creates issues as you pick up tempo.
Ivan Kriznar
Within 30 Minutes I feel improvement! WOW
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I've received the sticks today and after only 30 minutes of practice I've managed to isolate and relax some wrist tension! Especially in my weaker hand. Thank you very much for inventing the Hingestix!
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