Drum Man 190: The Hingestix are the perfect practice drumstick

What is up guys DrumMan here and today I am reviewing the Hingestix.

The HingeStix that are awesome practice drumsticks designed to help your technique, your grip, build your speed and precision and will help your drumming tremendously. 

These sticks are perfect for the beginner drummer but also perfect for drummers that have been playing a few years and want to improve their drumming. To me these sticks feel between the size of a 5A and a 5B they also have an acorn tip and they have a really really cool looking black finish. That really feels great as well. I’ve been playing with these drumsticks for a few hours now and they are holding up great. The durability is great. The feel is great. Everything about this drumstick is awesome and they are the perfect practice drumstick.

I am going to play a short little snare drum solo so you can see how they look while you’re playing.

So there you go. The instincts are the perfect practice drum set for beginners but also advanced drummers as well. They really really are awesome I highly, highly recommend them. Also the holidays are right around the corner. So these made the perfect gift for any drummer. Check out these  awesome sticks!

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