Daniel bernard Loves the Hingestix

Daniel Bernard Thinks Hingestix Are Great for beginners and experienced drummers to improve technique!

Hello! Daniel Bernard giving is Hingestix Review!

And although I’m comfortable and familiar with the concept, and I’ve talked to them about the purpose and what they do, this will kind of my first impression review of them.

Okay, so these are specifically practice drum sticks and a learning or instructional tool if you are learning or beginning to learn about stick technique. There’s a hole drilled through the drumstick and there are two plastic tabs one on each side. Now one is kind of rounded over where your index finger grips and then one is more convex so where your thumb can easily rest. These tabs or hinges are placed perfectly on the drum sticks where the fulcrum is and where you would normally hold them.

My First impression is really interesting. And I’ll tell you right now, these sticks are great for beginners, because they give you instant feedback on how you should be holding the stick and then also the position of your fingers.

I’ve got a lot of students, younger students, especially that I’m trying to show them how to hold the sticks. It can be difficult for them to get feedback if they’re holding the drum sticks correctly. What’s great about these is it gives you instant physical feedback about your hand position and grip

Hingestix are great for beginners, but also they also can serve as a good practice tool for experienced drummers. I’ve been playing for man 25 years, and I can already tell you right now literally picking these up immediately. My right hand Very comfortable immediately, thumb index finger, no problem. My left hand, though I can already feel a little bit of discrepancy, not that it doesn’t feel comfortable. But there’s a slight discrepancy from my right hand. So I think for me as an experienced player, these are a good practice stick to help sure up my own technique and maybe expose deficiencies

Now what I would say, if you play matched grip, these are probably better suited a little more comfortable. If you play a matched grip, these are going to be immediately useful. Whereas traditional grip may take you a little more comfortable with the the technique.

I’m really excited to use these with my students and even for myself in my own practice time. When I hold and play with the Hingestix, it’s just really fluid here. As you you know, hold these tabs They do not hinder you from playing. They definitely give you some instant feedback on your finger technique. So, again, this is a first impression of you, I haven’t used these before. They just seem like a well constructed stick, they’re painted black with a high gloss, black finish. And then the tip of the stick is unpainted.

So if you want to pick up a pair, I would highly recommend that if you’re a drum teacher, and you’ve got some young students and you’re trying to teach him about drum technique and stick technique, it’s going to be a great tool to help you.

If you’re an experienced player, I highly recommend that you get some of these for yourself. I think they can really be useful for anybody wanting to just sure up your own technique.  So you can how  your drum technique is. Am I holding this sticks correctly?  

It’s a great practice tool to make sure that you can keep your technique locked in.

You may think, they’re just sponsoring this video and you know, of course you’re going to say whatever they wanted to say. But when I talked to them originally, they approached me about doing review of this, I said very openly, Hey, I’ll share my candid thoughts and feedback. And if I don’t think it’s right for me or right for my channel, my viewers, then I’m not going to talk about and I said, Hey, fair enough. We think the product speaks for itself. We like it. As we talked more about what it did what it was, I became more and more interested in more intrigued us that hey, that can be actually be helpful to drummers

Teaching technique, and proper technique is something that can be difficult. If you’re teaching a young student, for example, you might show them something exercises to practice at home. Then they go home, and they spend, a couple of hours that week practicing and chances are they don’t implement that exact same grip technique that you showed them they have a chance of reverting back to their habits.

Now, I can send a pair of the Hingestix home with a student and they can use these sticks. And they will keep you grounded and give you the ability to make sure that you’re using proper technique as you practice.

So, as a practice stick, I really think these are going to be useful and I’m gonna get these for my students and send them home with them as well.

I think I’ll find myself using these as well from time to time as I practice, because like I said, I literally can feel just a slight discrepancy in my left hand.  I think it almost almost exaggerates bad technique just a little bit because I can feel the difference.

For me really intrigued by this, and as an experienced drummer, I will continue to use these for myself and my own practicing.

Check these out! Hingestix, really interesting concept. Really useful!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced drummer to make sure that your technique is on point. Check them out!

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