Can I use Hingestix with a French Grip?

We’ve been getting some questions regarding the Hingestix and about their application with French Grip Thumbs Up style and if it can be learned with the Hingestix. 

The answer is Yes! because the shape of the thumb, fulcrum pad or swivel pad is concave and fits beautifully for your thumb to learn French grip! 

 But the style of playing that’s most effective for the Hingestix is German matched grip because that’s the way the rotation of the stick moves on the swivel pads. 

 Let’s take a look at these two different techniques With the Hingestix first French Grip Thumbs Up Now turned around German Grip with my hand on top of the stick. 

As you can see I was able to get much more power with the German grip, first of all because my hand was on top of the stick instead of my thumb with French grip. I was able to get this: whipping motion or the Moeller stroke, which gives me a lot of power. 

 So in summing up, I would say that you can learn the French grip thumbs up style with Hingestix, especially with the cymbal ride pattern. It’s great for that. 

 But know that using French grip is your thumb on top and that doesn’t have as much weight as German grip. When your whole wrist is on top of the stick #frenchgrip #matchedgrip #hingestix

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